Improving confidence to 
speak in English




Immersive experience to having a conversation in English

Based in Japan, TerraTalk is an English learning app that focuses in having a conversation with an AI.

TOEIC is the standard program to asses Japanese’s English but unfortunately they don’t test Speaking skill. Due to this, Japanese is lacking knowledge and confidence in speaking English.

The goal of TerraTalk is to bring that real life situation on an app form by having a seamless conversation between users and different AI characters.


Scenario based program

Armed with a huge list of different scenarios and topics, users can freely choose what topic they want to practise on.

Once users choose a topic, they can start having a conversation with an AI character.

Understanding the scenario

Working with the content team closely, we came up with scenarios for each of the lessons.

Users can read this to prep themselves before taking the conversation mode.

Conversation Log for beginners

Users can easily switch to Log mode if they’re having trouble catching up with the questions that’s being asked. This way they can read the overall conversation history between the user and the AI character.


Gamefying lessons

We introduced a reward system to users in order to get them motivated. Based on ratio of the amount of correct answers they get, the better level of trophies they would get at the end.

End of Conversation


Scenario Introduction


Overall Course Detail


Further UAT

Pronounciation is tricky for the Japanese market to follow

As Japan has a writing system to pronounce foreign words, this becomes tricky for users to completely finish a lesson. The app couldn’t pick up some of the words and users became frustrated because we didn’t tell them how to do it the correct way.

At the time this case studies were written, the team then focused on a concept of coaching algorithm where the app will pick up some of the words users struggle with and they will get added to a separate feature.

Improving User's Pronounciation Skill

Through Coaching, users are able to practice their pronounciation skill.

Overall Course Detail


Pronunciation Drill


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