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Japanese commutes. Everyday.

Based on our research, most Japanese users do conversation lessons after work (after 8PM onwards). Our hypothesis is that Japanese spends most of their times commuting, and the way how TerraTalk’s conversation mode sets up is restricting how users interact with the app.

Japanese generally don’t talk on the train. This means that they can’t use TerraTalk’s core feature, which is the conversation mode.


Triggering the voiceless mode

To differenciate the two modes - normal and voiceless, 
we give the option right in the beginning.


Smart Keyboard

In order for users to have a seamless conversation with the AI without the use of voice, we introduced the concept of “Smart Keyboard”. This means that users can use this keyboard to answer, instead of using their voice which won’t work well on the train.



Beginner-friendly approach

When we tested the early prototype, we received more positive feedback especially for those who just started out to learn conversational English.

Users were able to catch up on the conversation quicker as this concept is supposed to give more time for users to answer. In case if they don’t know the answer, they can go back to the Scenario and read what needs to be answered. Then go back to the keyboard mode.

This method, however, isn’t for users who are on the Advanced level as the keyboard will actually slow them down to pass the course due to the fact that they have to pick the right words to choose and follow rather rigid structure.

Active Listening Mode

Due to the positive feedback, we revamped the Listening mode to also use the smart keyboard instead of the old way of passive learning.


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