Regional stakeholder alignment to prioritise business goals




Getting Grab’s rental representative regionally to learn from each other

Grab’s rental business exists in 6 countries, but the biggest (and the most profitable ones) are in Singapore and Indonesia.

Held in Grab’s Vietnam head office in Ho Chi Mind, the end goal to this workshop is for other countries to learn from what these 2 countries have done for their rental business, and to also prioritise existing and new problems for the product team to solve.



Learning from each others experience and to improve internal product

Both product and business operation teams flew to Grab’s Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh for 2 days to do this workshop.

Indonesia and Singapore have had a fairly sucessful rental business in the past 4 years. Malaysia was just starting out, while the rest of the countries are still on a planning stage. There’s high demand for the business as they are attached to the name Grab.

The goal of the workshop is to get everyone to share their findings (especially from the matured countries), and for shareholders to prioritise what to build / fix from the product point of view.



Agreeing on product prioritisation

Prior to this workshop, the product team was doing a lot of Adhoc requests and it got a little overwhelming after a while. They realised that every countries have different business needs and goals and they needed a space for everyone to share their thoughts in the same room.

By the end of this 2 full day workshop, both business ops and product teams came up and agreed on a list of prioritisation for the next 2 quarters.


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